Tailored Workshops

Align stakeholders, generate insights, and improve results

IPA facilitates workshops at your preferred location to enable effective discussions on critical project-specific topics. These workshops are designed to be highly collaborative and result in organizations achieving alignment on common goals, and identifying key activities, tools, and templates to effectively carry the project forward.

New Technology Best Practices Workshop

Convert Your Research and Development Efforts into Business-Effective Assets

Projects that pioneer new technology often cost more than anticipated and fail to meet production targets. The New Technology Best Practices Workshop prepares your organization for the unique challenges of new technology implementation in projects by sharing research-based practices and strategies to mitigate risk.

Business and Engineering Alignment Meeting (BEAM) Workshop

Build the Foundation for Effective Project Planning

IPA data show that alignment between business and project engineering is an essential precursor to achieving good and effective project definition or Front-End Loading (FEL), and driving more predictable and competitive project performance. Use the BEAM Workshop to align critical project stakeholders on business needs, objectives, and constraints to enable efficient and effective FEL.

Asset Optimization Workshop (AOW)

Convert Your Oil and Gas Resource Discoveries into Competitive, Cash-Flow Generating Assets

Developing oil and gas production projects that are optimally scoped, functionally aligned, and competitive is a challenge for many organizations. By bringing the business and project teams together, the Asset Optimization Workshop effectively steers a development project through FEL 2 (Select).

Concept Selection Workshop

Use Industry Data to Strategically Choose the Best Option

Using data improves the concept selection process. The Concept Selection Workshop establishes an understanding of the project concept and capacity choices relative to industry norms, given the specific project environment and opportunity characteristics.

Front-End Loading (FEL) Workshop

Establish a Robust Plan for Developing a Well-Defined Project

IPA research has shown that Front-End Loading (FEL), or project definition, is one of the most significant drivers of project success. The FEL Workshop helps organizations develop well-defined projects that cost less, take less time to execute, and operate better.

Project Risk Workshop

Identify and Address Project Uncertainty

Understanding potential project risks early in development is critical to delivering successful outcomes. By comparing your project to industry peers, the Project Risk Workshop gives an unmatched view into potential risks and aligns stakeholders on how to address the challenges that lie ahead.

Contracting Strategy Workshop

Select and Develop the Right Contracting Strategy

IPA data show that problems with contracting strategies are regularly the root cause of capital project failure. Use a Contracting Strategy Workshop to evaluate project risks and select and develop the right contracting strategy to avoid costly mistakes.

Team Lessons Learned Workshop

Gain Insights to Drive Future Improvement

Learning from the successes and failures of previous projects is essential to drive project system improvement. Expedite this process with a Team Lessons Learned Workshop and rapidly generate project-specific insights and pave the way for project system improvement.

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