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When organizations need to rapidly advance project management skills within their teams, they turn to the IPA Institute for in-house training. From off-the-shelf to fully customized courses—delivered online and in-person—we partner with you to identify the best fit-for-purpose solution for your project organization.

Why Partner With the IPA Institute?

  • Provide your team with practical, research-based training that can be immediately applied to their roles
  • Directly address gaps in your organization’s existing project development and execution work processes, management practices, and/or governance structures
  • Integrate your company benchmarking results and case studies for tailored learning experiences
  • Educate large groups within your organization or project team cost-effectively
  • Foster team-building and collaboration

“Excellent opportunity to have an outside perspective on project management practices. Fact-based content based on actual industry.”

IPA Institute Course Participant

Core Body of Knowledge Training

Holistic Courses Covering IPA’s Project Excellence Framework for Key Project Types:

Megaprojects – Concepts, Strategies, and Practices for Success
For project professionals involved with highly complex industrial projects, typically US$1billion and above.

Project Management Best Practices
For project professionals involved with mid-size to large manufacturing projects, ranging from US$10 million up to US$1billion.

Best Practices for Site & Sustaining Capital Projects
For project professionals involved with smaller scale sustaining capital, site-based, and maintenance projects, typically US$10 million and less.

Focused Best Practice Training

Granular Courses Covering Elements Within IPA’s Project Excellence Framework:

Front-End Loading (FEL) and the Stage-Gated Process
For project professionals interested in learning early planning work key practices to drive better outcomes in safety, cost, schedule, and operational performance.

Capital Project Execution Excellence and Project Controls
For project professionals who want to arm themselves with Best Practices that drive Execution Excellence and help deliver competitive and predictable capital projects that meet business objectives.

Leading Complex Projects
For individuals who want to learn the traits and behaviors statistically linked to successful project leadership and how they personally stand in comparison to proven strong project leaders.

Gatekeeping for Capital Project Governance
For individuals involved in the implementation, execution, and/or optimization of a capital project gatekeeping process.

Establishing Effective Capital Cost & Schedule Processes
For project professionals seeking Best Practices for setting accurate and reliable cost and schedule targets for capital projects.

Project Stakeholder Alignment Through Successful BEAM Application
For project business sponsors, project managers, and other key stakeholders responsible for the success of a company’s capital projects.

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