Tailored Workshops

Align stakeholders, generate insights, and improve performance

IPA facilitates workshops to enable effective discussions on critical project-specific topics at any point in the capital project life cycle. These workshops are designed to be highly collaborative and result in organizations achieving alignment on common goals, and identifying key activities, tools, and templates to effectively carry the project forward.

Business Engineering Alignment Meeting (BEAM) Workshop

Build the Foundation for Effective Project Planning

IPA data show that alignment between business and project engineering is an essential precursor to achieving good and effective project definition or Front-End Loading (FEL), and driving more predictable and competitive project performance. A BEAM Workshop brings together business and project teams for an open discussion to clarify business priorities and boundary conditions to reduce recycle in definition phases. The workshop addresses the following:

  • What is the problem business seeks to solve with the project?
  • What are the boundary conditions for the project in terms of cost and schedule?
  • What are the project priorities?
  • How do the priorities affect the project scope?
  • How will the project team inform the business if the project is moving toward a boundary condition?
  • How will business inform the project team if there are changes to the business case or boundary conditions?

Front-End Loading (FEL) Workshop

Establish a Robust Plan for Developing a Well-Defined Project

IPA research has shown that Front-End Loading (FEL), or project definition, is one of the most significant drivers of project success. The FEL Workshop is a highly interactive program that helps project teams develop an action plan during this critical planning stage:

  • Clarify business and project objectives
  • Ensure alignment
  • Identify gaps in project planning
    and assign leads to fill gaps
  • Develop a roadmap to guide the project team through essential
    FEL activities

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Lessons Learned Workshop

Gain Insights to Drive Future Improvement

Learning from the successes and failures of previous projects is essential to drive project system improvement. The Lessons Learned Workshop efficiently generates project learnings that can lead to effective project system improvement plans:

  • Translate experiences into useful insights about project development and execution
  • Identify root causes of project performance including system
    strengths and weaknesses
  • Build an action plan that ranks, prioritizes, and assigns actions tied to lessons learned
  • Findings can be used by senior management to improve performance of their company’s capital project portfolio

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New Technology Commercialization Workshop

Establish the Foundation for Delivering Successful New Technology Projects

New technology commercialization projects take longer to start up, require more contingency, and often take longer to reach steady operation than projects using proven technologies. The New Technology Commercialization Workshop is a highly collaborative session to help organizations quickly ramp up their knowledge in this area specific to their project and technology, and establish the foundation for delivering innovative technology on a large scale in the most commercially economic fashion.

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Contracting Strategy Workshop

Develop the Right Contracting Strategy to Achieve Your Project's Goals

IPA data show that problems with contracting strategies are often the root cause of project failure, resulting in months to years of schedule delays and millions in cost overruns. Owner project teams often lack the unbiased data and clear processes needed to guide contract strategy selection. The Contracting Strategy Workshop brings both IPA’s data and experience to assist your project team in designing a fit-for-purpose contracting strategy and implementation plan to set your project up for success.

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Project Execution Planning Workshop

Develop a Project Execution Plan (PEP) that Provides a Roadmap for Success

IPA has observed that project execution planning quality has degraded over the last 10 years, resulting in eroding project performance. Project teams often lack the data and processes needed to develop a robust, project-specific project execution plan that reflects the actual execution strategy and drives improved capital project outcomes. The Project Execution Planning Workshop is a facilitated working session that guides the core project team through the process of developing a project execution plan to enable successful project delivery.

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