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Fr. Andrew Merrow

Rector - St. Mary's Episcopal Church (Arlington, Virginia)

Andrew Merrow of Arlington, Virginia, USA, has has served on IPA’s Board of Directors since 2009.

Fr. Merrow was called to be St. Mary’s rector in 1985. Fr. Merrow is committed to outreach and, while at St. Mary’s, has led the parish to commit 25% of its annual budget to outreach. Fr. Merrow is also committed to worship and liturgy and teaches a liturgical practicum for seminarians at the Virginia Theological Seminary, his alma mater. Next to Virginia Seminary, Fr. Merrow holds a degree in English from the University of Vermont and has also studied at Cambridge University in England while on a sabbatical.

Before his call as rector of St. Mary’s, Fr. Merrow served at Christ Church, Alexandria after growing up at Grace Church in Alexandria where his father served as rector for many years.

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