Project Stakeholder Alignment Through Successful BEAM Implementation

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Learn how to successfully implement the Business Engineering Alignment Meeting (BEAM) to achieve project stakeholder alignment.

Course Summary/Description

Stakeholder misalignment is a common failure mode for capital projects according to Independent Project Analysis (IPA) research. The widely accepted industry Best Practice used to address project stakeholder misalignment is the Business Engineering Alignment Meeting (BEAM)—a meeting with all key project stakeholders during Front-End Loading (FEL) 1 or early FEL 2. When applied effectively, a BEAM helps to clearly define the business problem/opportunity and establish the boundary conditions for the project team’s solutions. This course shares the qualities of a successful BEAM, the key roles and functions that must participate, and the right time in the project lifecycle to conduct the BEAM. At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to develop an action plan for successful BEAM application.

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for capital project business sponsors, project managers, and individuals who have been assigned the BEAM facilitator role. Other key stakeholders in the success of a company’s capital projects—including operations, maintenance, and business representatives—should also attend.

Key Benefits

  • Discover the BEAM’s purpose, why it was created, and the intended output from the exercise
  • Recognize when a BEAM should be conducted in the project lifecycle and the negative effects of doing a BEAM at the wrong time
  • Understand which functions should participate in the BEAM, and the characteristics of key roles (including the facilitator)
  • Learn the qualities of a successful BEAM
  • Develop an individual action plan for successful BEAM application


Setting the Stage

  • Introduction and Motivation
  • BEAM: What and Why

Clear Objectives

  • Clear Objectives: Why Are They Important?
  • BEAM: Tool to Develop and Communicate Clear Objectives

Timing & Attendance

  • When Is the Right Time for a BEAM?
  • Who Needs to Attend a BEAM?


  • Preparing to Facilitate a BEAM
  • The Facilitator’s Role and Responsibility During a BEAM


  • Action Planning and Course Wrap-Up

Format and Structure

This course features interactive class exercises and discussions and can be delivered online or in-person.

Course Background

All course instruction, presentations, and supplementary course materials are rooted in IPA’s decades of experience evaluating project and project systems and conducting quantitative research into capital project issues and trends. IPA maintains a proprietary database with information on thousands of projects on which to base its analyses and studies.

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