10th EMEA IBC Gathers Industrial Owner Companies in The Hague

IPA’s Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Russia (EMEA) regional office is set to host its 10th EMEA Industry Benchmarking Consortium (IBC) conference April 21-22, in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Like its sister conference that takes place a few weeks earlier in North America, the EMEA IBC conference focuses on downstream capital project performance, only the event in The Hague reviews projects located across the EMEA region, including Russia, as well as the Middle East and Africa.

Representatives from the IBC industrial owner companies with operations in EMEA are expected to attend the EMEA IBC 2015 to review downstream project benchmarking performance, work process development and execution Best Practices, regional project market trends, and cost estimating issues.

“The centerpiece of this conference is as always performance and practice metrics of the participating project systems,” IPA EMEA Regional Director Mary Ellen Yarossi wrote IBC members in announcing the conference. “These metrics provide a view of the current state of capital effectiveness” from across the region.

IPA President Edward Merrow will deliver the keynote address at the conference, during which he will speak about recent IPA research examining the effectiveness of contracting approaches in relation to project owner capabilities and project location, type, and size characteristics.

This year’s EMEA IBC will also feature research studies delivered at the IBC in North America and the Cost Engineering Committee (CEC), an IBC subcommittee that concentrates on project cost estimating trends.

Breakout meetings and roundtable discussions are among the conference’s highlights also. Roundtable discussions during the conference will take a closer look at cost metric tools and benchmarking methodology.

A separate roundtable discussion will center on how labor and productivity are affecting project outcomes throughout the region. “Everyone is looking for ways to improve the cost performance of their projects,” Yarossi said. “The project research and ideas for improved capital effectiveness shared by IPA analysts and attending company project organization professionals at this conference is intended to support companies in their pursuit of capital project excellence.

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