FEL Toolbox Now Enables Evaluation of Projects Up to $20 Million

Phyllis Kulkarni

A recent update to IPA’s FEL Toolbox Software now makes it possible for industrial facilities / sites to self-evaluate the level of front-end loading (FEL) for capital projects up to US$20 million in today’s dollars, and allows site gatekeepers to ensure that these larger projects are adhering to the work process and achieving optimal definition.

For many companies, the previous threshold of US$10 million has distinguished a small, site-managed project from a larger, centrally managed project. However, over the past 5 years, we have observed that sites are increasingly responsible for executing these mid-size projects between US$10 million and US$20 million.

The FEL Toolbox threshold expansion involved adding new questions to the software to handle the added complexities of these larger projects, modifying the logic around team development and schedule development so that the software can detect whether these projects are adequately staffed and have sufficient schedule definition, and adding new recommendations.

Parallel with this effort, IPA enhanced other aspects of the software, including organizing recommendations into categories (FEL 2, FEL 3, Teams, and Other Best Practices), improving navigation, adding help text, improving translation, updating graphics, and adding security features.

Thank you to our FEL Toolbox users for their continued support. For questions about how to license or use FEL Toolbox, please visit IPA’s Site & Sustaining Capital page.

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