Giving Back in 2020

Geoff Emeigh

The COVID-19 pandemic did not prevent IPA staff from performing community services in 2020. With safeguards to curb virus spread forcing business closures and job losses, charitable organizations were in greater need than ever of donations to provide hunger relief, mental health counseling, and family support services.

Of course, social distancing restrictions also caused the cancellation of the on-site events IPA staff regularly organize and participate in to collect money, like pancake breakfast fundraisers, chili cook-off competitions, and game nights. In lieu of in-person gatherings, IPAers found some creative ways to hold virtual fundraisers and volunteer time to assist local groups while protecting themselves and others from COVID-19. Some of those socially distanced events included online game nights, virtual pumpkin carving contests, and fitness-app monitored step competitions (steps for charity).

Globally, IPA raised and donated tens of thousands of dollars to help individuals and families suffering hardships. Here’s a partial list of the organizations and campaigns IPA’s Community Services initiative supported in 2020.

IPA North America (Ashburn, Virginia)—Loudoun Hunger Relief; Helping Hungry Kids of Northern Virginia; Marine Toys for Tots.

IPA Latin America (Curitiba, Brazil)—Fundação de Ação Social de Curitiba for the social protection of families and individuals in situations of risk and social vulnerability; NACEP for social projects and volunteer support for Curitiba; ONG Amigos of Caximba.

IPA EMEA (Reading, UK)—Naomi’s House, protecting women victims of sexual exploitation; Beirut explosion disaster relief; support for local charities.

IPA Asia-Pacific (Singapore and Melbourne, Australia)—Bushfire relief; COVID-19 assistance; Lifeline, providing Australians with crisis support and suicide prevention services; WINGS, offering professional assistance in resolving psychological challenges for Singapore residents.

IPA is proud of its commitment to supporting communities. Many IPA employees volunteer their own personal time helping out at local food kitchens, shelters, and other venues in need of assistance.

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