In-House Project Management Training for Project Organizations

Private IPA Institute Courses Tailored to Client Goals

For years, the IPA Institute has delivered public and private courses that have provided attendees with real-world insights and data-driven observations about capital project development and management issues. Now companies can integrate these same core course teachings in their own project organization training programs through the Institute’s In-House Learning Program.

The program allows project organization training program coordinators to work side-by-side with experienced IPA analysts and instructors. This way the company’s project organization courses and learning materials are sure to focus on closing gaps in the organization’s existing project development and execution work processes, management practices, and governance structures.

“Since the courses are custom designed and integrated into the client’s in-house training program, participants can engage in more candid discussions about internal project practices,” IPA Institute Director Andrew Griffith said. This learning approach also allows a client’s past and ongoing capital project performance data, including company benchmarking results, to be incorporated into classroom and workshop training. Participants can come away from the in-house training with actual cost and schedule risk mitigation practices, as well as Best Practices that can be applied immediately to improve project performance and outcomes.

In-house courses can be led by IPA instructors, co-led by client and IPA instructors, or led by client instructors themselves. Further, companies have reach-back access to Institute course updates and client-specific project data in order to keep their in-house course instruction fresh and current.

For more details, visit IPA’s Training and Education page.

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