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IPA Newsletter April 2020 (Volume 12, Issue 1)

IPA is committed to leading the capital projects industry through the COVID-19 pandemic. We have created a new COVID-19 page on our website to offer insights into the pressing issues our clients are currently facing. The first three reports are featured in this issue of the IPA Newsletter.

In this issue:

Covid-19 and Force Majeure—Real and Not
Force majeure invocations on engineering and construction contracts are on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some cases are justified while others are not. Edward Merrow, IPA Founder, President, and CEO, offers three steps owner companies can take now to protect themselves from the possibility of false force majeure claims.

IPA Industry Covid-19 Response Survey: Owners Report Major Supply Chain Disruptions
A just-completed survey conducted by IPA details how COVID-19 is currently affecting 20+ owner companies across industrial sectors. Jason Walker, IPA Principal Deputy Director of Research, reports on the responses, providing timely insights into supply chain disruptions, portfolio implications, and actions taken to mitigate work process disturbances. IPA will share updates to this report as the pandemic continues to unfold.

Shutting Down a Capital Project Quickly? Here Is How to Stop It and Set Up For Restart At Key Phases
If you need to shut down your capital project quickly, there are some key project phase-specific actions you can take to minimize the effects and enable a successful restart. In this article, IPA Capital Solutions Director Deb McNeil shares IPA’s recommendations for stopping a project, whether it is currently in FEL/Project Definition, Detailed Engineering, or Construction.

Web Survey: How Is COVID-19 Affecting You?
IPA has set up a brief, anonymous survey to continue collecting data regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential implications on capital projects. If you are interested in participating, visit IPA’s COVID-19 page and click the Take the Survey button.

Also in this issue:

  • IPA’s New Project Data Portal (PDP) Makes Capital Project Data Provision Process Easier for Client Companies
  • Three Common Pitfalls of Reorganizing Project Systems
  • Capital Projects Research Presentations Go Virtual for IBC 2020
  • Sally Glen Named Director for IPA Operations in Australia

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