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IPA Newsletter June 2020 (Volume 12, Issue 2)

IPA remains committed to publishing resources to help guide our clients and the greater capital projects industry through the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The June 2020 issue of the IPA Newsletter is packed with articles addressing stopping and restarting projects, oil & gas industry lessons from history, staffing strategy during slowdowns, turnaround planning, and more.

In this issue:

Stopping and Restarting Capital Projects in the COVID-19 Landscape
Stopping and restarting capital projects can be done successfully, even in the COVID-19 landscape. IPA Project Analyst Ronell Auld shares key findings and Best Practices from a study of more than 200 stopped and restarted projects in IPA’s projects database.

Responding to the Oil Price Drop Amidst COVID-19: Lessons From History
The current lower oil price environment is not new to the oil and gas industry. Neeraj Nandurdikar, IPA Energy Practice Director, discusses how the oil and gas industry reacted to previous downturns and outlines what can be done to improve capital investment outcomes in the future.

Making Intentional Staffing Decisions to Preserve Core Owner Functions
Eliminating owner organization positions can carry lasting unintended consequences. Lucas Milrod, IPA Deputy Director of Research, Organizations & Teams, and Sarah Sparks, Product Development Leader, Organizations & Teams, offer considerations for organizational strategies during slowdowns in capital investment.

COVID-19 and Turnarounds—Panicking or Planning?
How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting turnarounds? Andras Marton, IPA Manager of Hydrocarbon Processing & Transportation, summarizes key observations, some of which have potential long-term advantages for turnarounds going forward.

Also in this issue:

  • Staffing E&P Industry Projects for Success: Oil and Gas Operators Invited to Participate in Joint Industry Study
  • Tank Maintenance Benchmarking to Improve Cost and Schedule Performance
  • How the Capital Projects Industry Is Responding to COVID-19 (Latest Report)
  • IPA Announcements
  • IPA Institute Courses Resume Online & Upcoming Course Schedule
  • IPA Events and Presentations

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