Lay the foundation for portfolio improvement

Benchmarking is the first step toward achieving predictability, enabling success, and driving competitiveness for site and sustaining capital projects. With a proprietary database that includes thousands of site-based projects around the world, IPA helps organizations assess key performance metrics compared to industry peers and understand the underlying performance drivers. The knowledge gained enables industrial sites such as refineries, petrochemicals facilities, paper mills, offshore oil platforms, vast onshore assets, and more, to establish improvement targets and maintain progress.

Site Benchmarking

Optimize Your Site’s Capital Portfolio and Boost Return on Investment

Site-based projects in manufacturing industries (refining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, pipelines and distribution, mining, minerals & metals, etc.) have historically fared poorly in the competition for resources and management attention. For many organizations, this results in millions in wasted capital on “stay-in-business” efforts. IPA’s Site Benchmarking directly measures your site’s performance against top performing sites, serving as both a health check for your capital portfolio and as a launch pad for improving capital effectiveness and return on investment.

Upstream Site Benchmarking

Generate More Value from Your Offshore / Onshore Site Capital Portfolio

Short-cycle projects to sustain existing site production and operations have become a new focus for exploration & production (E&P) operators. Key to a company’s survival, these smaller projects (fast-track subsea tie-backs, onshore brownfield production/maintenance, offshore facilities modifications, add-ons, etc.) help maintain business cash flow and keep company shareholders happy. Use IPA’s Upstream Site Benchmarking to measure your site’s performance against top performing sites and arm your organization with the data and knowledge necessary to improve both competitiveness and predictability, and save millions in capital.

Turnaround Benchmarking

Perform Faster, More Predictable Turnarounds

During a facility’s scheduled shutdown or outage for maintenance and/or capital work, time truly is money. Companies incur large profit losses for each day of downtime. Give your turnaround teams and company leaders a better understanding of successful planning, definition, and execution practices, and gain the insights required to minimize losses by performing more predictable and competitive turnarounds.

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