Risks for Large Fertilizer Projects in North America


How will recent capital project trends affect fertilizer companies in North America?

The North American fertilizer industry is experiencing a revival. With recently announced fertilizer-related investments ranging from $500 million to $3 billion, many of these can be categorized as megaprojects.

Independent Project Analysis (IPA) research on industrial megaprojects around the world has shown that over 50% fail to meet business objectives, characterized by large cost overruns, major delays, and poor operability.

Limited owner experience in developing and executing projects of this size and complexity, combined with a challenging project environment in the United States, will make capital project excellence even more difficult and increase the risks to these projects.

In this on-demand webinar, IPA’s Lara Keefer, PhD discusses how recent capital project trends will affect fertilizer companies in North America. In addition, she shares strategies to set up large projects for success and highlight specific practices that can be used to reduce the execution risks to these projects.