Innovative software solutions powered by IPA's proprietary capital projects database.

FEL Toolbox is software developed by Independent Project Analysis (IPA), Inc. that allows companies to self-evaluate the level of definition of small capital projects, or those valued at US$20 million or less. Companies that regularly benchmark a cross-section of their small projects with IPA can license the software.

IPA research has firmly established that the quality of capital project planning definition, known as Front-End Loading (FEL) across Industry, directly correlates with better capital project outcomes.

With FEL Toolbox, project teams can measure the FEL Index of their small projects on their own time. The FEL Index is a key indicator of project outcomes, including cost competitiveness and operability.

FEL Toolbox is a powerful tool for project teams responsible for delivering small projects with better results.

To learn more about FEL Toolbox software, contact Katherine Marusin, Manager, Plant-Based Systems.

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