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IPA Newsletter March 2022 (Volume 14, Issue 1)

In This Issue:

Sustainability Priorities Defined by Carbon Working Group
With membership growing across sectors, the IPA-led Carbon Working Group recently announced a new framework and identified 6 priorities to progress the low-carbon and sustainability progress of its member companies.

TrueCost Helps Operators Quickly Compare and Benchmark Oil & Gas Opportunities
Unlike other upstream data tools, IPA’s new TrueCost software application provides access to validated cost and schedule data for real projects in IPA’s database, rather than unreliable publicly-sourced data.

In Offshore Wind Auctions, CAPEX Knowledge Pays Off Big Time
Clearly understanding what drives a wind project’s realistic CAPEX at the time of auction is essential to avoiding the winner’s curse, a tendency in which the winning bid ends up far exceeding the asset’s actual worth.

IPA Institute Opens Back Up for In-Person Training
The IPA Institute has announced a return to company-specific and public in-person training. Given the success of the IPA Institute’s online training over the last two years, we will now provide a mix of both face-to-face and online training options.

Also in this issue:

  • IBC 2022 Addresses Carbon Management & Sustainability, Supply Chain Issues, Project Execution Planning, and More
  • Achieving Speed to Market When It Counts
  • Sustaining Capital Allocation and Expenditure Benchmarks for Chemicals Projects
  • Developing a Scalable Project System
  • Cost and Schedule Benchmarks for Offshore Wind Projects
  • WindEurope Interview With Edward Merrow
  • Andras Marton Named Integrated Energy Practice Director
  • In-Person and Virtual Training Course Schedule
  • Upcoming Events & Presentations

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