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IPA Names Andras Marton As Integrated Energy Practice Director

Marton Joins Carlos Tapia in Overseeing IPA’s Integrated Energy Practice With a Focus on Onshore Project Sectors

ASHBURN, VIRGINIA (February 1, 2022)—Independent Project Analysis (IPA) Inc., the preeminent consultancy for capital project evaluations and research, today announces that Andras Marton will assume the role of director of IPA’s Integrated Energy Practice beginning February 1, 2022.

Marton joins Integrated Energy Practice Director Carlos Tapia in overseeing this important and expanding IPA division. In his new role, Marton will focus on the onshore project sectors, while Tapia will oversee the offshore and nuclear sectors. Marton’s new duties will include engaging with global energy business leaders navigating the evolving energy landscape, providing them with facts, data analytics, and research-based advice to deliver sustainable returns to shareholders. He will also assist in steering IPA’s energy transformation initiative, helping integrated energy companies, nationally owned oil operators, and independents deliver competitive new business opportunities. IPA is already evaluating many of the types of projects that are reshaping owners’ project portfolios, including lower carbon technologies; carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS); renewables; and other alternative energy opportunities.

Marton most recently served as IPA’s Manager of the Fuels Manufacturing and Transportation business area, developing business plans and maintaining client relationships for companies in these industries.

Since joining IPA in 2007, Marton has conducted analyses of refinery, chemicals, and pipeline projects for companies of all sizes, ranging from startup to major international companies. He has also facilitated courses through the IPA Institute as well as conducted workshops of a client’s process development system to identify gaps and make recommendations to ensure the successful commercialization of its new technology projects. Marton’s areas of expertise include assessments of projects in refining, chemicals, renewables, alternative energy, and new technology, as well as quantitative and qualitative data analyses.

Marton has led several research initiatives at IPA that focused on improving project performance and has provided yearly reviews of the status and trends for the refining industry.

Further, he was involved in the development of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) bio-refinery field by leading IPA’s work with DOE and was a member of the Biomass Program Analysis Review Board.

Marton received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and a B.S. in Chemistry and Physics from Saint Mary’s College of California, in Moraga, California. He has authored several professional articles in peer-reviewed technical journals and presented papers at international scientific conferences. Marton has also given several public presentations at conferences, meetings, and IPA-led workshops and courses.

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