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Apply Industry Data & Insights to Improve Your CCUS Project Performance

Carbon-intensive industrial sectors are embracing carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) as a critical means of carbon emissions reduction and removal. However, organizations around the world are finding it difficult to achieve their cost, schedule, and operability goals, given the objectives and trade-offs associated with these highly complex projects. As of 2021, IPA has completed project risk evaluations, including cost and schedule benchmarking reviews, on nearly half of the large-scale CCUS projects currently in operation globally. We have analyzed CCUS project data collected directly from project teams, analyzed the competitiveness and predictability of their performance, and generated valuable insights to help organizations improve. View the offerings available in our CCUS Toolkit below and contact us to start a discussion on the right approach for your organization.

CCUS Project Risk Assessment & Benchmarking

Compare your CCUS projects to industry data to understand likely outcomes, potential risks, and areas for improvement.

IPA’s CCUS Project Risk Assessment & Benchmarking covers four distinct scopes of onshore and offshore CCUS projects—carbon capture, compression and dehydration, transport, and utilization/injection. The risk assessment helps project teams answer critical questions about shaping CCUS projects in a complex external project environment, the competitiveness of project targets and risks to successful completion, assessing construction readiness, and understanding key factors that drive project performance. The benchmarking analysis helps project teams understand how their individual project scopes, and the entire asset, compare to actual CCUS projects in IPA’s database. Companies use the data and insights to identify likely outcomes, key issues to address, and readiness for the next stage.

Subsurface Complexity Assessment for CO2 Storage

Understand reservoir complexity for long-term CO2 storage and practices to manage risk.

A Subsurface Complexity Assessment for CO2 Storage compares your project data to similar completed projects in IPA’s database to mitigate the associated risks and uncertainty. This assessment helps project teams understand reservoir complexity and its drivers; adopt industry Best Practices and risk mitigation activities; and identify gaps to address.

Photo representation of IPA's carbon capture and storage project cost norms research study.

CCUS Project Performance Norms

Photo representation of IPA's carbon capture and storage project cost norms research study.

This IPA-led research study will establish cost and schedule norms for carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) projects to improve early decision-making.



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