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IPA Newsletter September 2021 (Volume 13, Issue 3)

In this issue:

Weak Project Systems Imperil Next Generation Nuclear Projects
Historically, nuclear power projects have had only about a 10 percent success rate. IPA Founder and President Edward Merrow summarizes why, and discusses how the problems can be fixed to position nuclear power as a key component in the transition to a lower carbon future.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project Cost Norms to Improve Early Decision-Making
IPA is launching a new research study to establish capital cost norms for carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects. Organizations that participate will gain access to essential CCS project cost metrics and insights to directly inform and improve early decision-making. Click here to learn how to join and directly influence the study scope.

Early Estimating Metrics Tool for Capital Projects
Life sciences industry project teams are facing increasing pressure to commit to cost targets early in Front-End Loading (FEL). Because early estimates are generally prepared based on limited information and subsequently have wide accuracy ranges, several IPA clients have begun using our new Early Estimating Metrics Tool, and the feedback has been positive.

Designing the Capital Delivery Framework for Wind Energy
An offshore wind company sought IPA’s guidance to improve its project system to adapt to its rapidly growing project portfolio. Project Analyst Maria Pinilla provides a look at how IPA is collaborating with the client to design and optimize its capital project system to routinely deliver successful wind energy projects.

Case Study: Site-Based Capital Projects Improvement Journey
One site IPA worked with recently experienced a number of issues, including projects taking long in the funnel, overly optimistic schedules, understaffing of key disciplines, and misalignment between organizational stakeholders. Katherine Marusin summarizes how IPA’s collaborative approach has helped the client achieve significant progress in its capital project improvement change efforts to improve performance.

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