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Gain Industry Perspective to Achieve Your Carbon Management & Sustainability Goals

Carbon management and sustainability are now at the forefront of all decision-making for companies delivering industrial capital projects, as companies around the world have shifted focus from sustainability compliance activities to sustainability performance improvement activities. Staying competitive with industry leaders requires access to reliable and unbiased industry data. IPA applies our proven methodology to help our clients deliver competitive projects with regard to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water, and waste management.

Carbon Working Group

Setting the standards for GHG performance management in capital projects

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Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Toolkit

Apply industry data and insights to improve your CCUS project performance

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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Performance Toolkit

Adopt Best Practices to optimize the balance between GHG intensity and project costs

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E&P Industry Making Progress in Decarbonization

In this piece for Offshore Magazine, Adi Akheramka highlights the decarbonization trends of ongoing and recently completed projects.

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Achieving Low Cost and Low Carbon

Cost and carbon competitiveness are not mutually exclusive: IPA has found that both can be achieved at the same time with the right practices.

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Better Sustainability for Capital Projects

IPA has identified Best Practices to improve sustainability performance in capital projects based on similar efforts that led to industry advances in safety.

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Setting Up CCUS Projects for Success

IPA research shows that cost, schedule, and operational performance improvement can be achieved, even for difficult-to-execute CCUS projects.

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Photo representation of IPA's carbon capture and storage project cost norms research study.

CCUS Project Cost & Schedule Norms

Photo representation of IPA's carbon capture and storage project cost norms research study.

Through research, IPA has established cost and schedule norms across the core scope elements of CCUS projects. CCUS owners and investors now have the opportunity to access the data and use the data to establish a baseline for industry performance, understand the competitiveness of opportunities, and identify areas for continuous improvement.



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