Carbon Working Group

Setting the Standards for GHG Performance Management in the Capital Projects Industry

Objective and Scope

Launched in 2020, the Carbon Working Group (CWG) is an IPA-led group of 35+ owner firms working together to develop practical, relevant, and effective frameworks to benchmark and improve the low-carbon and sustainability performance of project systems and individual projects across all industrial sectors.

Key Areas of Focus

Why You should Join

  • Collaborate with peers to identify common issues and shape topics to help progress the industry’s low-carbon and sustainability agenda
  • Contribute to the development of solutions to improve sustainability-related decision-making and performance
  • Position yourself to help your organization understand and overcome key challenges

CWG Membership Profile

CWG membership consists of owners and operator organizations across all industrial sectors. Functions represented include benchmarking experts, topic-specific subject matter experts, and key decision-makers responsible for delivering low-carbon and sustainability performance.


The success of the CWG depends entirely on all members sharing perspectives and contributing to solutions development. Similar to IPA’s Benchmarking Consortia, all proprietary information and data is shared confidentially in 1:1 engagement with IPA. These inputs help IPA to shape and progress the industry discussion and present the progress on development of specific tools and frameworks to the collective group.

Carbon Working Group Accomplishments

Standard GHG Emissions Breakdown Structure for hydrocarbon producing (E&P) projects, and refining, chemicals, and mineral projects

Framework to evaluate GHG estimate maturity and practices to measure project team readiness to meet low-carbon targets

Benchmarking capabilities for Total Scope 1 emissions, and for Venting, Flaring, Fugitives (VFF), for hydrocarbon producing projects

Cost-capacity benchmarking capabilities for all components of a CCUS project

Storage Complexity Index (SCI) to evaluate the reservoir complexity for long-term subsurface CO2 storage projects

Carbon Reduction Value Improvement Practice (VIP) framework for the mining sector

Helping organizations integrate corporate decarbonization goals into project system practices and work processes

Activities in Progress

Establishing performance norms associated with common abatement alternatives to assist in the optimization of a site-level decarbonization pathway

Identifying Best Practices to improve the social responsibility performance of projects

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Paul Barshop

Global Director, Sustainability

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