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Leveraging Data to Improve Project Outcomes

Digitalization and advanced analytics have the potential to usher in a new era for capital projects, one in which critical information can flow automatically among the many systems projects rely on. This free flow of information enables project systems to anticipate and react to challenges, and learn how to improve the project delivery model for future projects.

After people, information is the most valuable commodity in projects. With the right information, businesses can choose projects that return the most value, and project systems can learn what it takes to deliver safe, competitive, and predictable projects. The challenge is that much of the information businesses and project systems need to achieve these outcomes is locked away in complicated data silos. This critical information is often omitted or unconsciously ignored because it arrives too late—or never.

Through careful study of project management and team behaviors and practices for over 30 years, IPA has identified how to use the right data to accurately predict project performance. No other firm in the world is more equipped to guide organizations through digitalization and define the data and methods required to unlock real knowledge to improve project system performance.

Data Integration

Identifying the right data and system integration required to drive insights into real improvement in project outcomes

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Real-Time Performance & Leading Indicators

Real-time visibility into a project’s performance is proven to help maintain project objectives

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Data Intelligence

Forecast project performance more accurately and prevent risks before it is too late

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Digitalization Working Group

Working together to solve interoperability challenges in the capital projects industry

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