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Advancing the Capital Projects Industry's Digitalization Efforts

IPA and MIMOSA (industry trade association dedicated to the development and adoption of information technology and information management standards) have teamed up to form the IPA-MIMOSA Open Industrial Interoperability Ecosystem (OIIE) Capital Project Working Group. This digitalization working group meets periodically to help align the efforts of owner companies; engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firms; industry standardization organizations (e.g., IOGP/CIFHOS, ISA, MIMOSA); and international standards organizations (ISO, IEC, etc.). All participants work together to set the owner/EPC firm priorities for solution delivery to enable pragmatic industry digital transformation on a timely basis.

Whether your company’s digitalization goals are productivity improvements, capital efficiency, advanced work packaging, facility hand-off to operations, or digital twins, interoperability between the many players in the asset life cycle is a key success component. Historically, interoperability has been difficult to achieve due to a lack of alignment throughout the industry between owner/operators, EPC firms, material and service suppliers, and subject matter experts. The IPA-MIMOSA initiative seeks to resolve this issue for the benefit of all industrial sectors moving forward.

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The IPA-MIMOSA OIIE Capital Project Working Group meets virtually each month to continue developing value-driven requirements and guidance on international standardization efforts. Click here to register online and join us.

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Deborah McNeil

Director, IPA Capital Solutions

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Luke Wallace

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Director, Project Research Division