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Having the Right Data Is the First Step Toward Improvement

The intelligence needed to improve project outcomes lies buried in project data. For companies looking to maximize the value of digital technologies, the first step is to identify the information that has the most leverage on project outcomes. Since 1987, IPA has collected project data and turned it into actionable insights. We know which data are the most powerful and can ensure the right information is available to the project system at the right time.

Identifying and Integrating High-value Data

How well do you capture the “right” project data? Project systems must be designed so that organizational leadership and project teams have the information they need to make the right decisions on projects in real-time. Information that is tied up in documentation and organizational silos and unintegrated software are major missed opportunities.

IPA’s Digitalization team identifies the “right” data and data structures needed to meet your project system improvement goals. IPA has long been a leader in leveraging data to understand how to improve projects. This deep knowledge enables us to understand where your current systems and tools are not working, and partner with you to develop strategies to efficiently collect, process, and integrate the data your project system needs to drive positive change.

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