Strengthening Your Project Teams

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Improve project success by setting up effective teams

Teams that are not sufficiently staffed with experienced owner personnel are on average 25 percent more expensive, have 20 percent more cost growth, and 5 percent worse schedule slip. IPA’s customized products and services will help you set up and strengthen your project teams to serve as the foundation for project success.

Project Team Staffing and Functional Composition

Does Your Project Team Have Enough of the Right People?

Resource limitations create inefficiencies and gaps in the project development process. IPA evaluates your staffing for a specific project to determine if your team has enough of the right people based on industry benchmarks. Additionally, IPA prioritizes staffing risks to support more successful project development and execution.

Project Team Organizational Structure

Optimize Team Structure for Efficiency

Information production and movement is at the core of capital projects. The structure of project teams directly influences the effectiveness of this information production process; an ineffective structure results in information moving slowly or being lost or miscommunicated. IPA can help you optimize your project team structure to make the information production process more effective, saving your project time and money.

Team Functionality and Alignment

Is Your Project Team Functioning Properly?

A poorly functioning project team averages 30 percent budget overruns and over 50 percent schedule slip. Although project team members are in the best position to understand a project’s true status, they often have no way to communicate their concerns. With a Team Functionality and Alignment assessment, IPA works with the project team to identify areas of risk and misalignment that pose a threat to success and provides recommendations to help address them.

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