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Improve project success by setting up effective teams

Teams that are not sufficiently staffed with experienced owner personnel are on average 25 percent more expensive, have 20 percent more cost growth, and 5 percent worse schedule slip. IPA’s customized products and services will help you set up and strengthen your project teams to serve as the foundation for project success.

Team Formation Workshop

Build and Maintain a Robust Project Team

Assembling a team and establishing a climate for success is one of the first challenges leadership faces on a project. This collaborative workshop is designed to support companies in building and maintaining robust teams by:

  • Discussing Best Practices associated with developing teams
  • Demonstrating the value of applying Best Practices (i.e., statistical links to project performance)
  • Developing project-specific plans to apply practices to establish a strong, unified team that is set up to deliver a successful project

Project Team Staffing and Functional Composition

Does Your Project Team Have Enough of the Right People?

Resource limitations create inefficiencies and gaps in the project development process. IPA evaluates staffing for your specific project to determine if your team has enough of the right people based on industry benchmarks. Additionally, IPA prioritizes staffing risks to support more successful project development and execution.


The Project Team Staffing assessment will help determine if a project team has (or plans to have) enough of the right people. This assessment will also provide leadership with the data required to staff the owner team and prioritize hiring needs.


IPA will interview project leadership and review supporting documentation to understand the project characteristics and team.

The staffing analysis will then compare the project team’s current or planned owner staffing by function to staffing benchmarks to identify areas of staffing strength and risk over the life of the project. Benchmarks are specific to the project’s characteristics.

Results include team staffing strengths and opportunities specific to the project and actionable recommendations to close staffing gaps.


IPA’s Project Team Staffing Assessment can be used for capital projects greater than
$20 million in all industries, including the oil and gas industry. Staffing assistance can be provided at any stage in the project life cycle, but it is optimal for earlier planning phases.

Project Team Organizational Structure

Optimize Team Structure for Efficiency

Information production and movement is at the core of capital projects. The structure of project teams directly affects the success of this process—an ineffective structure results in information moving slowly or being lost or miscommunicated, which results in lost project time, money, and production.


This service supports optimizing the project team structure to maximize the effectiveness of the information production process given the project’s specific characteristics.


IPA will first identify comparable industry projects and perform a detailed study of the team size and structure.

We will generate detailed organization charts and provide recommendations on structuring the team during each project phase.

Research, insights, and guidelines to support decision-making and help align the current (or planned) structure with recommendations will be provided.


Our Project Team Structure Optimization service can be used for capital projects of all sizes within all industries.

Team Functionality and Alignment

Is Your Project Team Functioning Properly?

A poorly functioning project team averages 30 percent budget overruns and over 50 percent schedule slip. Although project team members are in the best position to understand a project’s true status, they often have no way to communicate their concerns.


IPA’s method to measure Team Functionality helps identify underlying issues that pose a threat to project success by quantifying team members’ perceptions of the project’s health. It is a quick and easy way to track how the project is doing in real time. The results of the assessment have clear and meaningful ties to reliable measures of project performance.


All project team members (including owners, contractors, JV partners, etc.) first complete a confidential online questionnaire to assess their perceptions across six key areas. IPA then aggregates and compares responses to industry norms to identify areas of risk or team misalignment that jeopardize project success. Specific recommendations to help the project team address issues are also provided.


The Team Functionality analysis is useful to identify issues for capital project over $10 million within any Industry.

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