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Strategically allocate and develop the right people for your portfolio

One of the core responsibilities of a project organization is to effectively manage and develop the right people for the project portfolio. IPA applies our extensive knowledge of the people side of projects to help organizations build fit-for-purpose talent management systems that drive capital effectiveness.

Job Definition / Competency Modeling

Ensure Your Talent has the Right Skills and Abilities

Matching the right person with the right project based on the skills and abilities required for success is a challenge for many owner companies.

IPA works with organizations to develop competency models by project function, comprising related knowledge, skills, abilities, personal characteristics, and behaviors related to success. Organizations use the competency models for workforce planning, recruitment, selection, performance management, succession planning, and training.

Functional Competence Assessment

Match the Right Talent With the Right Job

Not all individuals are equally suited for the same projects.

IPA can help your organization assign the right individuals in key functions (project manager, complex project leader, construction manager, or lead engineer) to the right projects. We provide you with information to create strategic development plans to fill the gaps required to more effectively execute your portfolio of projects.

Detailed Roles and Responsibilities

Understand the Roles and Responsibilities that Drive Performance

Defining and understanding project roles enables a project organization to manage those roles in a way that provides a competitive advantage. Since 1987, IPA has evaluated thousands of capital projects in many industries, and we can clearly define project-level roles and responsibilities for your organization based on industry norms and Best Practices.

Selection Process and Tools

Evaluate a Candidate’s Likelihood to Succeed

Candidate selection processes used to hire project personnel are often not specific to capital projects. Based on recent research linking individual characteristics to project outcomes, IPA can develop customized processes and tools that measure the likelihood of success for both internal and external candidates by function. Accounting for industry characteristics associated with project success, these tools ensure the most qualified candidates rise to the top.

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