Guiding the power industry in delivering capital projects on time, on budget, and safely.

IPA provides value to power companies by improving capital project outcomes, reducing project risks, prioritizing improvement efforts, and significantly contributing to financial performance. With a long-standing history in driving capital project execution and organizational effectiveness through analytical research, IPA is recognized as a trusted advisor to companies in the power generation, transmission, and distribution sectors.




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What We Do

With increased competition and regulatory scrutiny, capital effectiveness has become a necessary focus for power companies. IPA works with the highly diverse power sector to diagnose performance gaps, establish capital improvement plans, and partner in implementing those plans.

Ranging from global state-owned and/or public utilities to independent power producers to private ventures, our power sector clients strive to improve the outcomes – both predictability and competitiveness – of their capital projects.

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 Our database of power projects includes detailed information on projects across the power sector:

  • Generation projects (coal-fired, gas-fired, nuclear, solar, wind, hydro, and biofuel)
  • Transmission and distribution projects

The types of projects benchmarked by IPA include multibillion dollar grassroots, new technology roll-outs, incremental expansions, and small plant revamps and sustaining capital projects.

We support our clients at three levels:

Individual Project Level
Risk evaluation and benchmarking gives clients an objective and quantitative assessment of a project’s cost and schedule competitiveness against like projects and provides a measure of project development readiness. Team staffing analyses provide insight into the resource requirements for success.

Project System Level
The performance of a client’s project system can be evaluated to identify strengths and weaknesses related to undefined functions and work processes. Evaluations also result in recommendations and a path forward to improve capital project system effectiveness.

Industry Level

IPA’s power sector draws from issues raised by individual clients and leads multi-client research studies to address industry-wide concerns. Industry benchmarking conferences and cost engineering forums allow participating companies to share Best Practices for delivering more cost-effective capital projects.

Our Approach

IPA is data driven. With detailed project information collected directly from owner companies, we develop and keep current proprietary models and tools to benchmark projects, project systems, and organizations. Quantitative data analysis and empirical research, combined with IPA’s nearly 30 years of experience evaluating all aspects of capital projects, enables IPA to provide project organization professionals with the insights they need to successfully manage capital project portfolios.


Capital Project Evaluation
Owner companies have turned to IPA to benchmark and evaluate the performance of individual capital projects and project systems for nearly 30 years. Using industry-recognized statistical models and assessment tools, experienced IPA analysts are able to provide a variety of capital project evaluation services for its clients, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Assess individual project cost and schedule risk
  • Determine a project’s cost and schedule competitiveness and predictability throughout its development
  • Pinpoint capital project system work process weaknesses
  • Identify drivers to improve project cost effectiveness
  • Conduct both qualitative and quantitative analyses measuring capital project system effectiveness, using IPA’s proprietary suite of Project Evaluation System (PES® ) tools

Work Process Design and Improvement

An effective work process is an essential component of a successful project system. IPA has worked with many companies to design or re-engineer their capital work processes to align it with industry Best Practice. Starting from the business idea through project completion, IPA knows the proper sequence of activities and deliverables to best define and execute a project. In a work process evaluation, we:

  • Determine aspects of the current project approaches and competencies that are adequate and should be maintained, and where improvements are necessary
  • Understand stakeholder concerns and needs
  • Understand the structure of projects: governance, organization, staffing, process, competencies, etc.
  • Recommend solutions, or changes that the company should make to establish an optimal project system that is fit-for-purpose for the company portfolio, organization, and objectives

Organization and Team Effectiveness

IPA offers organization and project team assessment services to determine owner and project team staffing requirements, functional competencies, team integration, and team functionality.


Our power clients benefit from industry-driven research into the latest practices believed to control capital project costs, schedules, and uptime. IPA’s extensive global database allows researchers to analyze project performance from several directions and produce quantitative research findings that companies can leverage so they can use capital more effectively and deliver better capital project outcomes.

Training & Education

The IPA Institute, IPA’s education division, offers a suite of courses centered on various capital project development Best Practices derived from IPA research. The following are public courses frequently attended by project professionals in the power generation and distribution industry:

  • Project Management Best Practices
  • Best Practices for Small Projects
  • Megaprojects - Concepts, Strategies, and Practices for Success
  • Gatekeeping for Capital Project Governance
  • Establishing Effective Capital Cost and Schedule Processes
  • Practices for Shorter, More Cost-Effective Turnarounds

Industry Conferences & Committees

 Several owner clients participate in industry groups sponsored and coordinated through IPA. The following groups gather annually to share knowledge and Best Practices for improving capital project effectiveness:


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