Energy (Oil, Gas, Power, & Renewables)

Improving resiliency in a transforming industry

The energy industry is going through a period of rapid, transformative change.

Rising prosperity around the world is driving increased energy demand. Traditional international oil companies are facing increasing competition in the form of nimble shale players, private equity firms, and national oil companies expanding their influence beyond their borders. Meanwhile, major players in the oil and gas sector are diversifying their capital project portfolios by investing in shale and the broader energy space while simultaneously delivering complex assets offshore. With carbon, greenhouse gases, and climate change issues increasingly on the forefront of public policy and public discourse, renewable energy projects are gaining traction in the energy marketplace. All sectors are pursuing digital readiness while also attempting to navigate a shrinking and consolidating supply chain. Precisely how and when the changes will play out is unknown, the next 5-10 years promises to be an interesting ride.

IPA stands with firms in the energy sector as the co-pilot on this journey. Since 1987, IPA has partnered with energy companies to help them navigate the evolving landscape by providing facts, data analytics, and research-based advice to help deliver sustainable returns.

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IPA advises major and independent energy companies, national oil companies, governments, field services vendors and vendor firms, mid-stream firms, and private equity and law firms active in these key subsectors:

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Research Study

Staffing E&P Industry Projects for Success

What does the optimal E&P staffing strategy look like in the lower forever oil price environment? IPA has partnered with four major oil & gas operators to develop a framework to answer this question through research. E&P organizations interested in understanding strategies that strike the right balance among staffing, owner’s cost, and project success are invited to join the study.


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