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What We Do

The project organization and project team are the foundations upon which capital value is created. Poor project performance can often be traced back to problems rooted in the staffing or functioning of the project team or even further back to the capabilities and operating (or lack thereof) of the project organization.

IPA has identified the key elements of project organizations and teams that drive capital effectiveness through robust data-based research linking practices and behaviors to concrete performance measures. Our world renowned databases include detailed information about the structures, capabilities, operating procedures, and staffing of over 300 project organizations, structures and staffing of over 400 project teams, and the insights of over 18,000 individual team members about the definition, leadership, team collaboration, and general inner workings of their project. Using this information, we can help you find data-based solutions to your most challenging organizational concerns:


  • How many people in each function do I need over the life of my project for it to be successful?
  • How should my organization be structured to facilitate cross functional collaboration and communication?
  • Does my work process support the development of successful projects?
  • Are my project teams functioning well and are team members aligned?
  • Do my project’s team members believe the project has all the necessary elements for it to be successful?
  • Is my workforce capable of developing the projects in my portfolio?
  • How can I select people with the right skills and abilities for my projects?


Our detailed information allows us to answer these questions quantitatively with respect to measures of project success. In addition, our organizational expertise, industry perspective, and breadth of capital project and organization understanding positions us to provide unparalleled, qualitative insights into what drives competitive organizations and successful teams to help you maximize the value your project systems deliver.




















Successfully Organizing Pharma & Biotech Capital Project Systems

How can pharmaceutical and biotech companies successfully organize their capital project systems in an environment with lean talent resources? Independent Project Analysis (IPA) seeks participants to join a research study)... Read More


Key Contacts

IPA-Sarah-SparksSarah Sparks
Product Champion, Organizations & Teams

Sarah leads the Organizations & Teams area at IPA and has performed numerous site and system Organizational Effectiveness assessments. In addition to this role, Sarah serves as an Associate Project Analyst, in which she analyzes capital projects across a number of sectors, including refining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and metals.

Lucas MilrodLucas Milrod
Research Team Leader, Organizations & Teams

As Research Team Leader, Lucas focuses on how people, teams, and organizations can be their best. Lucas leads a program of research related to teams and organizations and has directed research on executing projects with limited resources, the project management function, how to staff megaprojects, and other organizational topics.










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